Log Furniture Designs

Catkin Loop is a custom log furniture maker, and can create designs to fit your specific needs or space. Contact us to discuss your requirements. All log and live edge furniture is designed to capture the unique character of the wood. Each piece will be slightly different from the sample image, just as no two trees are alike.

Log Beds Name Use Description Dimensions Detail
beetlewood-bed Sumas
This classic queen bed is made from throw-away beetle kill pine. Beetle kill has some interesting characteristics. I am experimenting with different designs. Queen bed log-bed-detail
Log Tables Name Use Description Dimensions Detail
beetlewood boardroom table Masset Board-
room Table
This is a very large, dramatic, beetle kill pine table, custom sized to fit the boardroom. any, 4' wide 16' long table-detail
modern sidetable rustic wood Atlin Side Table Natural edge on this bedroom side table, mix of fine finished and natural wood, beautiful texture to this piece of maple with spalding (aged dark lines), satin varnish.

17 l

Nadina modern log table Nadina

End Table Young trees find their way to light by growing in all directions, twisting and bending in a tangle of wood like the log legs on this table. The rounded triangle top has a slight bevel. 12"w

Kispiox rustic log table

Kispiox Coffee Table Straight full round legs with rails make this a simple and strong log table designed for heavy family use. Wedged through-tenons show the end grain of the log legs on the top of the table.


Malahat rustic log kitchen table Malahat Dining Table The live edge of the table top angles in to give greater character, a detail reflected in the chamfered table ends. The flow of the log legs captures the natural bends of the young trees, and the rails between the log legs are positioned low to provide ample room for chairs and the feet of diners.
detail log table edge
Log Chairs Name Use Description Dimensions Detail
Tahsis log chair Tahsis Living Room Chair Reflecting the style of Arts and Crafts furniture, this is a relaxing log arm chair with seating angles designed for attentive conversation. For a more reclined position there is a matching foot stool. 28"w
Chehalis log chair Chehalis Living Room Chair The minimal box frame gives a simple and modern look to this log chair, while the gentle slope to the seat and relaxed angle of the back provides a very comfortable sitting position. 29"w
Tanu pioneer rustic chair Tanu
Dining Chair Using tall thin trees with the bark on gives this log chair the classic look of pioneer furniture - made to be functional with minimal tools. Modern comfort is provided by the padded and upholstered seat.

Log furniture made in BC to last for generations